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Workshop Testimonials


“The plant communication study offered by Danielle exceeded my expectations. It was a deep dive into the world of green allies, and an absolutely profound experience. Danielle proved to be a sensitive and knowledgeable guide. She revealed truths and insights which have continued to create positive changes in my life, and helped me connect more deeply with the plant kingdom. The location was incredibly beautiful, as well, and added to what was already a magical weekend. Hearing Danielle sing over her drum was sublime- I highly recommend this course.”  K.B., Ontario

“This fall I took a course offered by Danielle for Plant Spirit Communication. I am an Animal Communicator and on my own spiritual journey. I have to say that I learned so many things to assist me in expanding my own consciousness. Danielle was adaptive to the group dynamics; enlightening and perceptive. The Green Breath journey was absolutely amazing! An absolutely fabulous experience!”  B.M., Ontario, Canada

“Being a part of Danielle’s Plant Spirit Communication Workshop was a wonderful adventure!  I had only just discovered the Plant Spirit world when i signed up for the workshop.   I went with an open heart and mind and trusted it was the place for me to be. Danielle is a loving patient teacher who makes everything easy to understand and a pleasure to follow. I felt so blessed for the experience and the beautiful people that I met.”  K.J.B., Ontario

” I have been working with mineral allies for a while now. I was very excited to find Danielle’s workshop working with our plant allies! Danielle is a wonderful teacher and person. I felt very safe and supported throughout my beautiful journey over the weekend workshop. The atmosphere was one of love and acceptance. Danielle ensured that the course subject matter was clear and easy to follow. I really felt a deep connection to the natural world. The venue of choice, Soulful by Design, was both beautiful and peaceful. The perfect spot for such a meaningful and enriching journey. Thank you Danielle, for sharing your knowledge and love with us!” S.T., Ontario



In Person Treatment Testimonials


Blessed to enjoy a two hour healing session with Danielle of Wysdom Tree earlier this week. I enjoyed everything about the treatment: the entire process, receiving support from Plant Spirit Allies, Danielle’s drumming and singing, the healing space created, and flower essence recommended. Thank you! I will come again.”  C.S., Kingston, On

Time for an updated review! Oh how I enjoyed today’s experience at Wysdom Tree in the grace, safe space, and competent hands of Danielle. Her work with the Plant Allies, Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Energy Healing, Drumming and Song always brings me great peace, comfort and connect me to my deepest being. Danielle’s attention to the process and her love of beauty makes me smile and my heart sing. Thank you!” C.S., Kingston, On


Working with Wysdom Tree’s Danielle has been a co-creative, deeply spiritual experience. Personal transformation and healing has been gifted to me during our sessions with Danielle’s drumming and medicine songs and the healing work of her Plant Spirit Allies. At her home in the woods I have been welcomed and given the sacred space to journey and seek healing. Finding the right person to work with, with the tools, openness and gifts, had taken me several years……Danielle has been that right person to share my journey with. I look forward to the work we will continue to share.”  L.W., Kingston, On




“Thank you Danielle Kreps.. for the Plant Healing session this morning… It was incredible and very moving. I didn’t know what to expect, so I just let myself be open to the experience. And what an experience. There were tears of release, of joy… Funny, there was a time in my life when tears were a sign of weakness, something to hide, not anymore. I am comfortable now both with having emotions and feeling them… and I realize that it’s the only way you can move through them. Calm, relaxed, clear headed… Wow!!!

You were very professional, caring and understanding as we moved through the session. I never knew that plants contained such powerful vibrations.

What a beautiful gift they are…”   E.S., Kingston, On


Distance Treatment Testimonials


Danielle’s PSH has given me the opportunity to deepen my relationship with the natural world. I feel optimistic and excited about who I am and what my purpose is. I am very grateful for the positive change which I have experienced through PSH and would like to thank Danielle for this. Many blessings!”  I.H., Cape Town, South Africa




For years, I struggled to organize a project into which I’d invested much heart. Discouraged and confused, I found myself on the verge of giving up. Within four days of receiving PSH Treatment, I intuited a solution! The release of this “stuck energy” has helped to create movement in other areas of my life as well. Thank you, Danielle, for your passion for the sentient nature of the plants, inherent ability to simplify the complex, gentle sense of humor and the generosity of spirit you bring to your work!”  PK, Vermont