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White Pine photographed by Danielle Kreps


Welcome to Wysdom Tree


Within each of us the Flame of Spirit holds a Sacred space, a wellspring for the Universal Sea from which we all come to flow through.  Here, in this space, we can come to know deep beauty and navigate our way through life from an inner compass that is fashioned from the Soul’s deep desires for purpose and meaning that allows for the unfoldment of That Which We Truly Are.  When we are living a life that allows for the expression and evolution of the Soul there is a deep, abiding peace which we come to know and carry with us, there is a gratitude for the very Essence of Life of which we are but one expression.  When we are in alignment with our most Authentic Self there is a deep knowing, joy, and a reserve of inner strength and courage to see us through whatever life may bring to us.


Life in the 21st century doesn’t make it easy to maintain a connection to the Spirit that dwells within but this Divine Flame is never extinguished and we can make choices in our lives that honour this Inner Fire that brings our very Being to life.  Inner health is the template for physical vitality and when this core Spiritual Essence of our being is Radiant and Alive it resonates through every aspect of our being out into the world.  It is possible to live one’s life grounded in Spiritual freedom and we can choose to let go, to clear away all that which is not in keeping with Who We Really Are to allow for the emergence of our own Divine Nature.


While the road to spiritual and emotional health can be challenging the paths that we need to follow will find us along the  way.   Plant Spirit Healing is one such path.

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 Photography by Jeff Koenig