Plant Spirit Healing



What is Plant Spirit Healing?


Across the ages, and around the world, natural Healers have worked with Plant Beings to address the underlying causes of disease that take root on a spiritual level long before they manifest in the physical body.  Working with the spirit and consciousness of our Plant Spirit Allies these natural healers developed relationships with our Green Ancestors and through an experiential education from Teachers, and the Plants themselves, they would come to know the gifts and healing properties of a tree or plant which they could then share with their community.


Fortunately these healing paths have not been lost and many individuals around the world have made deep life commitments to share the Healing Gifts and Teachings of Plants which bring healing to the very spiritual core of our being, tending to the root causes of dis-ease.  Many thanks to writers and teachers like Stephen Buhner, Pam Montgomery, and Eliot Cowan for following roads less travelled that spoke to their heart vision for creating and sustaining Spiritual vitality in an increasingly consumer oriented world that continues to manifest obvious signs of a deep Spiritual malaise.


Restoring Balance to the Energy Body


Energy is the unseen building block of all life, the earth is made of energy, humans are made of energy, and so it goes with out green ancestors that supply the oxygen in the very air we breathe.  Energy is flowing, constantly cycling in the macrocosms of the universe and the earth and also in the microcosms of the individual species that inhabit the earth.  To help us understand the unseen subtle energy body that is the underlying template for our physical forms we might find it useful to consider the Chakra framework which comes from eastern spiritual traditions or one might look to the Chinese Five Element framework to understand how energy flows and cycles in all aspects of an individual’s life.  Regardless of the framework one uses as a map, however, the energy body that is healthy, vibrant, and flowing creates a template for physical and emotional health.  Maintaining radiant health in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, however, is increasingly difficult as we move through life in a world where the cultivation of one’s inner landscape and heart vision is sacrificed for consumerist, materialistic values.


We are complex multi-dimensional beings, fuelled by Spirit, mastering the journey of balance in living, a balance that comes to us when heart wisdom and the ego work together to create a life that is meaningful and in line with the deepest desires of our Spirit.  Fortunately that which is out of balance can be returned to a state of health.



Plant Spirit Healing Treatments


What can you expect from a Plant Spirit Healing Treatment?  A course of treatments always begins with clearing and balancing the energy body, and every treatment of course includes healing for the heart and the spirit.  While one treatment alone can bring about significant and fundamental shifts Danielle recommends a series of three to six treatments to move through the layers of the energy body and shift out core patterns that are keeping you from moving forward on the life path you wish to journey.

Danielle’s Plant Spirit Healing Practice incorporates two different modalities, the Chinese Five Element framework and the Chakra framework, so depending upon what the client needs she may use either framework or a combination of the two.  Each treatment is different and the healing practices engaged are always determined by what is needed by the client to help them move forward.  Treatments may include:

Attachment Clearing

Removal of Intrusive Energies

Chakra Clearing and Rebalancing

Five Element Healing

Energy Meridian Rebalancing

Soul Retrieval

Vertical Alignment

All in One

Ancestral Healing

Healing Family of Origin Imprints

Cord Cutting

Soul Contract Work

Treatments are relaxed and ample timeis provided for consultation, the healing work with the Plants, follow up discussion to give the client a clear understanding of what the treatment included, what Plant Spirit Allies were engaged, what to expect following the treatment, and what homework and practices would benefit the client and further integrate the Plant’s healing into their life.  Danielle, pictured on the right, allows two hours for each treatment so she and the client may approach this Sacred Healing work in a relaxed and comfortable fashion.  In Person/Distance Treatments are $90   To book an appointment call 613-766-8869 and visit this link to read ClientTestimonials.

In Person/Distance Treatment