Shining with Coltsfoot 2020

Coltsfoot photographed by Danielle Kreps

Shining with Coltsfoot 2020


The bright beautiful flowering ones of Coltsfoot welcome the radiance of the sun as we move into a time of new beginnings with Spring dancing to early Summer.

In the time of Beltane, when new beginnings take root to flower with nurturing and care, Wysdom Tree’s Danielle welcomes you to join her for a day of wisdom and healing with the bright shining ones of Coltsfoot.

We will spend the day getting to know the radiant Spirit of Coltsfoot who will help us to move through fears that often sabotage our longing to move forward on our path, and bring healing to the way in which we embody our Masculine Principle so the creative visioning of our Feminine Principle can root, flower, and bloom in a loving supportive environment.

An outline of our day together:

Create Sacred Space
Gentle Clearing with our Green Allies and Danielle singing over the drum
Creating context with a Beltane story
Daydreaming with Coltsfoot & Group Sharing
Drum Journey with the Spirit of Coltsfoot & Group Sharing

Date:  Sunday May 3, 2020, 10am-6pm

Please bring a lunch and snacks for the day. Danielle will host an optional Beltane Fire in the evening so if you would like to stay please bring a pot luck dish for dinner.

Eenergy Exchange:  $80, just contact Danielle through Wysdom Tree to arrange for an interac transfer to register (there are seven spots available)

Location:  This event is offered in the Isle of Man area which is located just ten minutes outside of Kingston in off of Highway 15