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Blue Abstract Underwater by Amy Levine



Slip into the warm inner waters of the Sacred
The air around you disrobes
Revealing its heady fullness
Thought gives way to deeper knowing

Swim down to the deeper waters of your sanctuary
Feel the ebb and flow of the Great Sea from which we all come

In this underwater reverie
These inner oceans of being

Do you feel the current of the Sacred Feminine
Pulsing in the waters of Life?
Do you feel the song of the Great Mother?

Immersed in these silent Holy Waters
Passion is born again…

Immersion by Danielle Kreps from Wysdom Tree



  1. “Waiting On The Great leap”………….Sitting on a lilly pad…a frog waits…He does not know when he will leap…but he does know to let go when the time comes…Spring forward…fall behind…his life is perfect rhyme…He will jump in God’s time…..

    (God is just the word and in the word implies Mother Earth, Sister Sky, and Sweet Sweet Lulliby)

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    • Thank you so much for this beautiful sharing,

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