Opening to Wonder

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Owl Kingdom by Amanda Clark

When we gaze upon the deep night sky, the Great Mystery which lives in the pulse of all life seems to emerge from the unseen more clearly, we feel and sense the presence of the Divine

We open to wonder and infinity sings of possibilities and myriad notes tumbling together in an orchestra of unimaginable beauty.

And yet, if we drop down into our heart space and sit under the eternal sky within
That same night sky of wonder and possibility of the Great Mystery emerges within each abiding breath
where our awareness touches the very heartbeat of Creation

Take just a moment
Close your eyes
Feel into the warm hearth of your heart centre
Feel the palpable fullness of Life breathing in you
Sit under the Divine night sky of beauty within
And dwelling in this perfect peace
Allow yourself to emerge into the presence of wonder
And carry it with you throughout the day….

Love Danielle from Wysdom Tree


Photography by Robert Llewellyn

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