Singing with Mother Earth

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Nature's Love Song by Maxine Noel

Nature’s Love Song by Maxine Noel


A voice of deep beauty, flowing from an open heart, crossed my path as a gift today.

Speaking of our great need for connection with Mother Earth, and with each other, this man of deep presence, Tim Macartney, called to us to honour our dreamers, our poets, and our doers.  With conviction and gentle strength he reminded us of our need to live with an open heart, and to honour all Life with whom we share this beautiful planet, and he spoke inparticular of the great Tree Beings who have been “singing us into being.”  Listening to his voice, I felt the presence of the Sacred Heart of Mother Earth and a deep longing stirred within to take my drum out into the woods and sing with these gentle Beings, rooted so deeply in Mother Earth, giving voice to the their own songs.


These songs are always present in the natural world.  Living from everyday senses, in a world where we have lost connection with the unseen, we may not hear the songs of our Tree kin but they are resonating nonetheless.  Walking through the woods, a symphony plays unheard by the human ear, but perhaps you have felt the energy of these songs, experiencing a deep peace come apon you, awakening to a wellspring of beauty within as  interplays of light and shadow stream down  through leaf and limb.  Perhaps you have sat and looked at a Pine Tree just across the way and wept as the energies of this beautiful Being held your heart and gently cleared a space for the release of grief.  The simple act of looking creating a connection, a resonance, a song holding your heart in sustained beauty.  And here, in this fullness, the heartbeat of life becomes palpable, and separation falls away…

How I long for the spring, to walk into the woods with my drum, and stand singing in a place where I  feel most like myself.

May the Beauty of this Radiant Earth surprise you, may the Songs of the Natural world flow through you

<3 Danny

Art by Maxine Noel

Another beautiful piece from Maxine Noel