Wyse Woman Overnight Healing Retreats


Wyse Woman Retreats


“Oh how I enjoyed today’s experience at Wysdom Tree in the grace, safe space, and competent hands of Danielle. Her work with the Plant Allies, Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Energy Healing, Drumming and Song always brings me great peace, comfort and connect me to my deepest being. Danielle’s attention to the process and her love of beauty makes me smile and my heart sing. Thank you!” C.S., Kingston, On


Longing for some away time, even just for a day?

Wysdom Tree’s Danielle is now offering an affordably priced Plant Spirit Healing Treatment and Overnight Retreat in her rustic cottage home on the Rideau.

Conveniently located just ten minutes from the city of Kingston Danielle’s sacred space offers peace and tranquility, not to mention the powerful healing of her Green Allies.


Plant Spirit Healing Treatments


What can you expect from a Plant Spirit Healing Treatment?  A  treatment always begins with clearing and balancing the energy body, and every treatment of course includes healing for the heart and the spirit.

Danielle’s Plant Spirit Healing Practice incorporates two different modalities, the Chinese Five Element framework and the Chakra framework, so depending upon what the client needs she may use either framework or aspects from both.  Each treatment is different and the healing practices engaged are always determined by what is needed by the client to help them move forward.


Treatments may include:

Attachment Clearing

Removal of Intrusive Energies

Chakra Clearing and Rebalancing

Five Element Healing

Energy Meridian Rebalancing

Soul Retrieval

Vertical Alignment

All in One

Ancestral Healing

Healing Family of Origin Imprints

Cord Cutting

Soul Contract Work

Treatments are relaxed and ample time is provided for consultation, the healing work with the Plants, follow up discussion to give the client a clear understanding of what the treatment included, what Plant Spirit Allies were engaged, what to expect following the treatment, and what homework and practices would benefit the client and further integrate the Plant’s healing into their life.  Danielle, pictured on the right, allows two -three hours for each treatment so she and the client may approach this Sacred Healing work in a relaxed and comfortable fashion.


Affordable Value


Your Wyse Woman Retreat is affordably priced at just $150.  Arrive at noon on the day of your retreat, and after getting settled your treatment will begin in the afternoon.

Following the treatment enjoy the day as you wish at the cottage, perhaps a kayak on the river, quiet time with a book or meditation in the shade of the willows, and a fire in the evening.



This is a 24 hour retreat and we will engage with guided meditation work as a follow up to the treatment the next morning.  A second night’s stay can be arranged bringing your total to $190.

Please note these are simple cottage accomodations, meals are not included, and there are two cats in residence (in case you have allergies).  Please do not hesitate to contact Danielle via the Contact Page if you have any questions.