Plant Spirit Communication Workshop on the Rideau 2020


Workshop Testimonials


“The plant communication study offered by Danielle exceeded my expectations. It was a deep dive into the world of green allies, and an absolutely profound experience. Danielle proved to be a sensitive and knowledgeable guide. She revealed truths and insights which have continued to create positive changes in my life, and helped me connect more deeply with the plant kingdom. The location was incredibly beautiful, as well, and added to what was already a magical weekend. Hearing Danielle sing over her drum was sublime- I highly recommend this course.”  K.B., Ontario

“Being a part of Danielle’s Plant Spirit Communication Workshop was a wonderful adventure!  I had only just discovered the Plant Spirit world when i signed up for the workshop.   I went with an open heart and mind and trusted it was the place for me to be. Danielle is a loving patient teacher who makes everything easy to understand and a pleasure to follow. I felt so blessed for the experience and the beautiful people that I met.”  K.J.B., Ontario

” I have been working with mineral allies for a while now. I was very excited to find Danielle’s workshop working with our plant allies! Danielle is a wonderful teacher and person. I felt very safe and supported throughout my beautiful journey over the weekend workshop. The atmosphere was one of love and acceptance. Danielle ensured that the course subject matter was clear and easy to follow. I really felt a deep connection to the natural world. The venue of choice, Soulful by Design, was both beautiful and peaceful. The perfect spot for such a meaningful and enriching journey. Thank you Danielle, for sharing your knowledge and love with us!” S.T., Ontario

“This fall I took a course offered by Danielle for Plant Spirit Communication. I am an Animal Communicator and on my own spiritual journey. I have to say that I learned so many things to assist me in expanding my own consciousness. Danielle was adaptive to the group dynamics; enlightening and perceptive. The Green Breath journey was absolutely amazing! An absolutely fabulous experience!”  B.M., Ontario


Deepening Your Relationship with the Natural World


Are you longing for a deeper connection with the natural world?  Does the remembrance of your ancestor’s intimate knowing of Mother Earth and the Green Nations stir in your heart?  Wysdom Tree is pleased to offer a Plant Spirit Communication Workshop which will give you the chance to forge deepened relationships with the consciousness and being of our Green Allies and receive their Healing Gifts.

This educational retreat follows the curriculum of my Apprenticeship Teacher Pam Montgomery’s Plant Spirit Communication Workshop and it is with much gratitude that I pass these teachings onto you.



In this Plant Spirit Communication Workshop we will:


Learn about Heart Perception & Entrainment

Work with a Plant Ally you are drawn to

Learn About Plants through Sound, Light, & Colour

Enter the Daydream of our Plant Spirit Allies

Engage with Shamanic Journeying to learn about our Green Allies and receive Healing

Experience the Felt Sensation of Plants

Engage with Greenbreath, a form of Transformational Breathwork with Plants developed by my Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship Teacher Pam Montgomery, to affect deep and profound shifts in our energetic templates


When:   June 12-14, classes run from 10am until 6pm each day finishing late afternoon on Sunday.


Location:  On the Rideau in the Isle of Man area which is just ten minutes outside of Kingston



Workshop Investment:  

$225 Workshop only (Bring a lunch each day), 10% of proceeds will be donated to a Tree Planting organization.

$275 Includes Workshop and two nights shared accommodation (Rustic Cottage accomodations) for Friday and Saturday nights (Meals not included)

To reserve your space contact Danielle to arrange for payment via email interac transfer or use the paypal option below.



About Danielle

Danielle completed Pam Montgomery’s 2012 Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship at Partner Earth Education Centre in Danby, Vermont and completed her advance training with Pam, author of Plant Spirit Healing, the following year.  Also Studying intensively with Eliot Cowan, author of Plant Spirit Medicine, Danielle became immersed in the world of  Plant Spirit Healing from a Chinese Five Element perspective at Eliot’s Blue Deer Centre in Margretville, New York in 2006-07.

In addition, Danielle has completed Usui Reiki Levels I, II, III and the Master Teaching Level (2003-04).  Her formal academic training was completed at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario and Danielle holds degrees in English (B.A.H.,1993), Law (LL.B.,1997), and Education (B.Ed.,2002).