Ancestral Healing

Featuring the beautiful work of Susan Seddon Boulet


Honouring the Ancestors

We stand in the footsteps of those who came before us
A lineage unbroken
Speaking from the shadows of memory

In my hand that rests on the bark of this Willow
The Ancestors speak through my fingertips
Sharing histories with this beautiful being
Of those who walked and stood their ground upon this good green Earth

I bough down to the deeper waters
where my weeping willow strands reclaim the impulse for life and vitality
The sun is shining on my face and my ancestral fires burn within

The Earth feels welcoming
And I know that I am home

Danielle Kreps from Wysdom Tree


Rlon Wang Illustration

Ancestral Healing Circle

Join me in honouring our Ancestors and engaging in ceremony for healing for our Ancestral Lines this coming November 4th (10:00-3:00pm).

Through ceremony, shamanic journey, sharing, and healing with our Green Allies we will explore our Ancestral Lineage and honour those who came before us. We will engage in healing ceremony for our Ancestral lines and also for ourselves so that we might release burdens from our cellular memory that shadow our ability to be fully present to our flowering gifts within,


What to bring for our Ancestral Gathering:


Please bring a short personal reflection to share with our circle, touching on how you feel about your ancestors, what you know about them, the ancestral gifts that flow through your lineages, and what you feel are burdens that have come down the ancestral line. It can be a written piece or just some thoughts to share.

Altar item representing Ancestral beauty for you

Sacred Fire Offering – Something homemade or a naturalĀ  offering like Sacred Tobacco or Sage

Journal, Pen

Pillow & Sleeping Bag

Pot luck dish to share for lunch

(This list may change so please check back to see if anything has been added).

Cost: $59
You can reserve your spot with an email interac transfer, just get in touch via the contact page and I will email the information.