Distance Treatments

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Roots Birth by Julien Orre



Distance Healing Package


Flower into your most Authentic Self this New Year with the help of our Plant Spirit Allies and clear away all that which no longer serves you.  Wysdom Tree is offering a special istance Healing Package (three treatments for $180) this fall and winter to help you heal those patterns that keep you from moving forward in the direction your Spirit longs to fly.


We are complex multi-dimensional beings, fuelled by Spirit, mastering the journey of balance in living, a balance that comes to us when heart wisdom and the ego work together to create a life that is meaningful and in line with the deepest desires of our Spirit.  Fortunately that which is out of balance can be returned to a state of health.


What can you expect from a series of Distance Plant Spirit Healing Treatments?


In the first session Danielle will facilitate a treatment with her Plant Spirit Allies to remove any attachments, clear and rebalance the chakras, and undertake repair work on the aura to strengthen your energetic boundaries.  The following treatments will include a chakra check-up and any or all of the following offerings which may be necessary for you:




Soul Retrieval

Vertical Alignment

All in One

Ancestral Healing

Healing Family of Origin Imprints

Cord Cutting

Soul Contract Work



Soul Retrieval is generally not included until the last treatment after the necessary foundational work has been done to prepare for the return of this Soul Essence.  Prior to beginning this work Danielle will email you a Client Intake Form so she has a clear understanding of the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual challenges that are present in your life and she will also begin the course of treatments with a Shamanic Journey to receive guidance for your healing path.  Danielle will follow up each treatment with a report discussing the elements of the treatment, the Plants involved, and any homework which is recommended to help you further integrate the healing.  Visit the following link to read Client Testimonials.


Click on the following link to pay for the Distance Treatment Package or message Wysdom Tree to discuss alternative payment options.

About Danielle

Danielle completed Pam Montgomery’s 2012 Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship at Partner Earth Education Centre in Danby, Vermont and completed her advance training with Pam, author of Plant Spirit Healing, the following year.  Also Studying intensively with Eliot Cowan, author of Plant Spirit Medicine, Danielle became immersed in the world of  Plant Spirit Healing from a Chinese Five Element perspective at Eliot’s Blue Deer Centre in Margretville, New York in 2006-07.

In addition, Danielle has completed Usui Reiki Levels I, II, III and the Master Teaching Level (2003-04).  Her formal academic training was completed at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario and Danielle holds degrees in English (B.A.H.,1993), Law (LL.B.,1997), and Education (B.Ed.,2002).